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Hi my name is Julie the owner of J & B Florists, we’re flower experts. We spend our days creating beautiful arrangements that you’re sure to love and enjoy. We offer a wonderful variety of fresh cut flowers, gorgeous arrangements and speciality products. Our clients have the chance to select from a large assortment of options that are suitable for every occasion. For every order its  my mission to create a one off design to personalise just for you , from a thank you to  weddings and funerals. My passion is making my customers feel important as i feel we all deserve to be spoilt now and again , i love making people smile as i am a people person and it has to be just right before item is delivered or collected . I am very much a family person and i love my community and the spirit that it holds


Flower Care

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New Flowers

Here are a few tips for keeping your flowers looking fresh and beautiful. Make sure all the flower stems are cut at an angle of 45 degrees place flowers with sachet of food supplied then submerge in water. Take out any wilting leaves or stems below the water line right away. And remember, most flowers last longer in mild temperatures, so don’t place on windowsills in direct sunlight. For more tips and information, get in touch with us directly. If you have chosen the echo vase you need do nothing as they have food and are ready to adore , re-cut stems and change water after 3 or 4 days , ENJOY